Ms Zea's Canadian Domination since 1985

            Dominatrix Training & Mentoring by Ms. Zea

The Mistress Training Outline / Syllabus Includes:

-Dominatrix Ethics, Maintaining Boundaries and Self-Care,

-Optimizing Your Dominatrix Persona for Maximum Personal Gain,

-Flirting and Seducing as A Domme,

-Analysis of supplicant Behaviours and supplicant Interactions,

-supplicant Screening,  Emergencies, and Positive Behaviour Modification,

-Expanding supplicant Limits,  Instilling supplicant Fetishes and Inspiring Repeat Visits,

-Negotiations / Checklists / Questionnaires / Waivers,

-BDSM Psychology / Behaviour Analysis,

-BDSM Play 
Fetishes / Activities / Techniques & Safety: 
           (Including): Kinky Play, Fetishes, Roleplay, Submissive Training & Servitude, 
Bondage, Discipline, Sling and Suspension Play, Strap-on Roleplay, Wet Play, "Torture",
 Intellectual Domination, SSC Humiliation / Degredation, Advanced Medical Play, and

Room/ Environmental /Toy / Equipment Cleaning Protocol
(Cleaning / Sanitization / Sterilization)...

-In-Person Experiencess and Outings
(Including): The 7 BDSM Experience Focuses,  The 4-Stage BDSM Experience Formula, and 
The Typical In-Person BDSM Experience Outline (9 Steps)...

-Legal and Business Aspects

  (incl. Scheduling Procedures, Security, Information Dissemination, Trends, 
Utilizing a Commercial Dungeon and/or Setting Up Your Own BDSM Experience Arena)...

-Dominatrix Tips and Secrets, BDSM Resources...


(The 27 Page Training Outline Available Upon Start of Training)

ne-on-One training takes place within My private $100,000 BDSM Collection.
Experience Provision placement may be available.   

The full course is minimum 40+ hrs theory
3+ hrs practical with a submissive (provided).

3 Day intensive available upon special request.


Due to the popularity of this training,
there is a brief waiting list for the course.

As I do not want to exploit anyone's time or resources,
not all are accepted to the Dominatrix Training Course,
(based on potential to be a successful Dominatrix).
Due to the very large amount of requests and My limited time,
those not approved may not be contacted.

In order to be considered for the course please e-mail:
1) a brief introduction, 
2) two recent colour photos (one face, one full body---casual & fully clothed),
3) and a contact phone number.

Then, once this stage of the application has been approved,
you will be e-mailed a brief questionaire.

Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to hearing from you!


My BDSM Qualifications:
-Lifestyle Domina since I was 16
-Public Dominatrix since I was 18
-CPR, First Aid & Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Certifications
-Honours Degree in Behavioural Science
-Lectured at Ryerson University
-Spoke on 'Sex with Sue'
-Spoke on 'Radio 1010
-Featured in a German Documentary 
-Lectured for ACT's Safer SM Series
-Featured in a Documentary by Gough Lewis
-In Eye Magazine (2X)
(and) Feature Article ('Leather Angels')
-Presented for The National Leather Association
-Hustler's Taboo Online Perv of The Month, July 1999
-Published in Hustler Canada, August 2001