Ms Zea's Canadian Domination since 1985

               In-Person Experiences


Ms. Zea's Promise:

Genuine, Passionate and Intense Domination Information and In-person Experiences,
in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 
Honesty and Integrity
bsolute Anonymity,    
Privacy & Discretion,  
Clean/Sanitary/Sterile Educated, 
Safe, Sane, Consensual & Legal;

But remember: 
I am always in control...

Scheduling a 1st-time In-Person Experience:

1. Contact
Most frequently asked questions may be answered by reading the website and the CONTACT page; 
then you may email for any (more) questions, or to request specific information.

2. Confirmation
Several hours before your in-person information exchange experience, you will confirm by speaking to the Mistress on the telephone at an agreed upon time, (usually 24 to 48 hrs prior to your time).
3. Directions

After the confirmation telephone call, you will be emailed the address to the private BDSM location,
the private telephone number,  and sometimes other pre-in-person info-exchange experience instructions).

Your Customized Information-Exchange Experience:

Ms. Zea, Miss Poison and guest Mistresses enjoy creating your individualized experience
using your deepest fantasies, fetishes, roleplay scenarios
or desired activities, etc. You may email Us your ideas and requests...

You are given ample time (before your experience begins)
to discuss your expectations, limitations and possible medical issues
with your Mistress. We enjoy and encourage open communication.

To enhance your BDSM, Fetish or Fantasy experience, 
hundreds of ideas and examples of BDSM Experience activities
are available for viewing at the:  BDSM Activities 

For something truly different and special, you may wish to consider:
overnight experiences, extended experiences, Multiple Mistress experiences, 
out-of-town travel, public outings
(e.g., fetish parties/events, shopping, dinner, casino, etc...)

Special Considerations:

As We adore devoted supplicants,
We may be quite understanding and generous
 if you wish to explore frequent experiences with Us.
(More than 2 times in a 28 day time-frame.)
This may be discussed after (minimally) the 2nd-3rd visit,
to determine long term compatibility and commitment.

We especially enjoy extended experiences,
and will be very generous to those who
request a scene of 2 hrs or more. 
Special considerations will also be granted
to those on disability or age pensions--just ask!